Monday, January 31, 2011

Univ of Washington Certificate program in Android Application Development

The University of Washington’s  Professional & Continuing Education Division is developing a new Certificate program in Android Application Development which will launch in Fall 2011. The program will be available as a classroom-based program in downtown Seattle and will also be available online. It was developed in conjunction with an advisory board consisting of both UW faculty and industry professionals. Participating companies on the board include Google, Samsung, T-Mobile, Cisco, Entertonement, Ubermind, Centurytel, Sogeti, and SURFIncubator. The goal of the Certificate Program is to provide industry professionals with the core development skills needed to develop an application on the Android platform and to facilitate communication designed to retrieve and store data and interact with other application The program concludes with deploying a complete application along with topics related to mobile application marketing, upgrading and app and entrepreneurship. Students will work on a variety of devices generously donated by several board member companies.

Course 1: Android Development Fundamentals
This course will introduce the student to the core development skills and practices needed to develop an application on the Android platform.  Code examples will be provided during instruction with the goal of development of an application by the student at the end of the course.  The language for the course is Java.

Course 2: Interaction and Communication with Android
The second course builds on the foundations of Android development. We will discuss topics on application communications to retrieve and store data, interaction between other applications, and development techniques that use advanced features of the Android platform. Communication and interaction are key concepts to building rich applications in the Android environment.

Course 3: Application Deployment, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
The third course in the Android development series focuses on the business functions that allow a developer to bring an application to the appropriate audience. We cover the aspects of application versions and upgrade management, marketplace hosting, and monitoring tools for your application.  We will look at the business costs associated with application hosting and ways to market your application.

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